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Rita Turkowski - Product Management Strategist

Rita Turkowski is an M2 Advisor and Gaming Business Review's senior writer for gaming related technology articles and analysis. Rita brings decades of experience in graphics, gaming tech, product management and marketing to M2 Advisory and Gaming Business Review. Rita has worked with many great graphics companies including:

  • AMD as a gaming marketing manager in their Embedded products division

  • Unity Technologies where she was the sales team channel manager. While at Unity, Unity had more developer adoption in the game industry than any other game development technology company, ever.

  • Intel as a graphics and media software product manager where she worked on graphics and game industry software tools.

  • Web3D Consortium as Executive Director working on projects internationally for the adoption of ISO 3D standards, as well as establishing joint working group cooperation with related industry consortia such as Khronos, the OGC, and W3C.

Earlier in her career, Rita worked with various start-ups in media development, and throughout most the 1990’s Rita worked for Apple. She also spent several years working at AT&T Bell Laboratories while attending grad school in the NY metropolitan area at Stevens Institute of Technology. She has undergraduate and graduate degrees in mathematics and computer science, respectively.