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M2 Custom Surveys
M2 Research has an established online panel of gamers selected from a wide cross-section of the gaming community, from enthusiasts to casual gamers. In addition, we have proprietary technology developed for the gaming industry to gather both qualitative and quantitative information from live play scenarios. Advanced filtering and segmentation capability allows us to correlate player behaviors and attitudes to produce highly accurate and actionable data.

By engaging our panel of players over a period of time, we can monitor player behavior and opinions to determine the effect of:

  • Which games were played
  • Which O/S they were played on
  • What H/W was used to play these games

This report data can be presented either unfiltered or filtered to remove “low value” feedback, and/or segmented by demographics such as:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Game experience-level
  • Spending behaviors