M2 Insights - Media and Markets
M2 Insights is focused on the convergence of platforms and technology with graphics and digital media. Growth opportunities range from entertainment and games to enterprise, training and visualization applications.

We work with a wide range of companies from large game technology providers to independent start ups. Companies work with M2 Insights to formalize product and corporate planning goals, analyze competitive landscapes, assist with investment strategies, define product positioning or help with outreach and community building.


  • Media and Content: games, special effects, film, indie developers, immersive experiences in VR/AR
  • Technology: middleware, production tools, development pipelines
  • Platforms : PC, mobile, tablet, portable, console, VR, AR
  • Community Building: Engaged and motivated customers
  • Leadership Building: Internal and external functions to support leadership in an organization and community


M2 Insights publishes timely market intelligence through our:
  • Gaming Business Review Site
  • GBR Newsletter
  • Reports
  • White Papers
  • Case Studies
  • Corporate Profiles
  • Surveys


M2 Insights works one-on-one with clients to facilitate strategy planning, product launches, and business assessments.

M2 Insights also offers clients partnership introductions and investment support.

Community Building

M2 Insights helps clients build their communities. From running events, to creating community platforms, or developing specfic marketing messaging, we focus on outreach and brand support.